Veridea will be a new, sustainable, mixed-use urban community constructed on 1,000 acres within the Town of Apex in Wake County, North Carolina.

It will offer almost all things one would find in a development of such prominence, including a range of housing choices, places to shop, many employment opportunities, and a host of entertainment and recreation options. Veridea, however, will be more than a large, exceptional, mixed-use development in the heart of a thriving region.

Veridea is being developed to become the next-generation extension of North Carolina's world-renowned Research Triangle Park (RTP). Over time, it will be home to a forward-thinking community that seeks to accomplish objectives similar to those of the existing park, within the context of a contemporary, ecologically friendly, sustainable mixed-use development.

A significant office and corporate environment, including residential communities and regionally-focused commercial space, will ultimately be developed, along with a host of community-oriented spaces. Given its size and aspirations, Veridea will be a model and a catalyst in the region and beyond.