Our Economic Framework

Veridea is envisioned to become the 21st century extension of the world-renowned Research Triangle Park (RTP.) Like RTP, Veridea will become one of the world's centers for scientific research and other state of the art undertakings. Unlike RTP, Veridea, in keeping with its mission of sustainability, will be planned and developed as a compact, mixeduse community where great urbanism and meaningful connections to nature exist side by side.

Ultimately, a person who comes to Veridea for employment will also be able to find a place to live, regardless of the individual's household status, lifestyle preference or economic reality. Conversely, if a person finds Veridea to be the place they wish to live, it will be the type of place that will offer a full range of employment opportunities. And just as important, most of the places and activities outside of home and work will be within the neighborhoods that comprise Veridea. Shopping, education, health care, recreation and the range of other activities that comprise a full life will be an integral part of the community.

This ability to live within a community where all of your daily needs are within walking distance, travel by bike, or a short commute is at the core of a sustainable lifestyle, and the basic "building block" of a sustainable place.