Our Placemaking Framework

Our Sustainability Framework defines the relationship that Veridea seeks to establish between man and nature. Our Economic Framework delineates the manner in which human endeavor will be organized so that true sustainability can be achieved. This last framework—Placemaking—addresses how the plan will be shaped, and establishes the rules that all will follow in the process of building Veridea.

Veridea will be planned in keeping with time-honored placemaking principles, those that are embedded in the great places of human habitation across the world. The FUNDAMENTALS have been codified in a conceptual framework known as the Transect. The Transect simply tracks the natural path by which towns and cities have developed for many years. Most importantly, a plan that evolves out of the Transect is by its very nature sustainable. This is very different from the pattern associated with America's suburban landscape, one that in many ways prevents the natural evolution of a sustainable lifestyle.

In order to create the type of place envisioned for Veridea, specific rules, codes and regulations will be crafted. Fortunately, the planning and design professions have developed alternatives to standard zoning. Known collectively as "Form-Based Codes", this new way to govern how we build more sustainable places is being adopted by cities and towns all across America. For Veridea, a project specific Form-Based Code will be crafted to achieve the type of place that fulfills the expectations expressed within the Sustainability and Economic Frameworks.

In summary, the combination of a clear approach to Sustainability, a purposeful approach to Economic positioning, and a compelling Placemaking framework will jointly guide the development of Veridea.