Veridea will be a new, sustainable, mixed-use urban community constructed on 1,000 acres within the Town of Apex in Wake County, North Carolina. It will offer almost all things one would find in a development of such prominence, including a range of housing choices, places to shop, many employment opportunities, and a host of entertainment and recreation options.

Veridea, however, will be more than a large, exceptional, mixed-use development in the heart of a thriving region.

Veridea is being developed to become the next-generation extension of North Carolina's world-renowned Research Triangle Park (RTP). Over time, it will be home to a forwardthinking community that seeks to accomplish objectives similar to those of the existing park, within the context of a contemporary, ecologically friendly, sustainable mixed-use development.

A significant office and corporate environment, including residential communities and regionally-focused commercial space, will ultimately be developed, along with a host of community-oriented spaces. Given its size and aspirations, Veridea will be a model and a catalyst in the region and beyond.

In its very name, Veridea embodies its principles: Truth, Green, Idea.

Veridea (və-rĭd' ē-ə) n.

From Veritas ... Latin for Truth. Verdant ... for Green. Idea for ... well ... Ideas!!!

Veridea (və-rĭd' ē-ə) n. Truthfully Green Ideas!!!

Veridea is being designed around five guiding principles:

  • create economic value;
  • eliminate the concept of waste;
  • insist on a renewable future;
  • create delightful urban places; and
  • integrate nature throughout the community.

Veridea will be an icon of sustainable design and construction because the developer is acting with purpose to create a sustainable community. Through planning, design, construction and management, Veridea will showcase the best practices of living in harmony with the natural environment. This balance will be manifest at many levels — energy, economics, rational transportation patterns, water, open space and community structure.

Veridea will be a model of anticipatory design, meaning that it will be planned to accommodate future sustainable practices as they become available, all within an environment that delivers the benefits of the Southern ambience and quality of life for which the Triangle is known.