Planning Overview

To understand what Veridea will become one has to first consider, and understand, the character and attributes of the place it will be a part of: Apex.

Apex, in many ways, is not unlike many towns that have grown as a part of a larger regional pattern. As part of the Triangle region, Apex has witnessed phenomenal growth. And yet, the essential small town character of Apex has been consciously protected and maintained. One can see this care and nurturing in the historic and largely restored downtown, and in the laws and codes Apex has adopted to keep it so. At a more important level, Apex has maintained perhaps the most important aspect of small-town living, that is the sense of community and the relationships that are established among people and organizations.

And yet, the leaders of Apex have been fully aware that continued growth is both inevitable, and desired. Apex realized years ago that the land upon which Veridea will rise was a very strategic asset of the town. If allowed to develop in a piece-meal fashion, the town might lose its chance to create a significant employment center to provide on-going jobs for its citizens, and to establish a significant tax base. As importantly, the pattern of development—one of suburban sprawl—was not in keeping with the true essence of small-town life. So, the leaders of Apex decided to patiently resists calls to develop small things, and to instead to insist that development of these lands would only occur when the time, the concept and the plan was right.

Veridea is the direct outgrowth of the values that have defined Apex for generations, and the aspirations it has for the future. The planning decisions and the laws that are proposed to guide it has been made to provide Apex, and the entire Triangle region, with a job-creating engine. But as importantly, these same decisions and proposals have been crafted to foster the creation of a number of true communities, in step with the emerging realities of the 21st century. Within the next few pages you will be introduced to Veridea, this new extension of the past, and the goals for the future, of a growing Apex.

To become the place envisioned by its developers, the planning of Veridea will follow a purposeful path. As previously introduced, the Guiding Principles for the design of Veridea are:

  • create economic value;
  • eliminate the concept of waste;
  • insist on a renewable future;
  • create delightful urban places; and
  • integrate nature throughout the community.

Veridea will be a model of anticipatory design, meaning that it will be planned to accommodate future sustainable practices as they become available, all within an environment that delivers the benefits of the Southern ambience and quality of life for which the Triangle is known.

Implementation of these Guiding Principles will follow will follow policies, understandings and approaches contained within the following three areas, or Frameworks: