RTP Connection

A goal of the developer is for Veridea to become the next-generation version of the world-renowned Research Triangle Park (RTP). Veridea will be a forward-thinking community that seeks to accomplish objectives similar to those of the existing park, within the context of a contemporary, ecologically-friendly, mixed-use development.

A key factor in the location of Veridea is that it is only 12 miles from the RTP. RTP has earned a reputation as one of the leading research campuses in the world, and is a centerpiece of the commercial, manufacturing and institutional life of the region and the State of North Carolina.

Veridea will build on the high standards set by the Research Triangle Park while locating new corporate developments within a sustainable environment. Signature corporate locations will be placed in urban "embassy" style settings that provide the appropriate level of security but allow workers to walk to shopping, restaurants and homes nearby.