The Vision

A goal of the developer of Veridea is to create a safe, healthy and resource-efficient mixeduse community that will address the balance between living abundantly and responsibly in today's world. This project will take into account issues of climate change, carbon emissions, water availability and purity, renewable energies, material flows and mobility.

The vision is that Veridea will become a nationally-recognized and replicable model of sustainable, mixed-use development.

We anticipate that this innovative community will become known for its practical utilization of some of the very best thinking, techniques, methodologies and applications impacting our use of energy. Cutting-edge design and technology, along with a conservation ethic, will be brought to bear to the requirements of energy - in its generation, its use, and in resource management - including reuse and recycling.

These issues form the conceptual foundation of the community. They will be evident in the everyday reality of Veridea.